Can Humans Save Dogs?


As we have highlighted in all our blog posts so far, transferring blood from one dog to another can often be a life saving procedure, but what if humans could also save their pets with blood transfusions?

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Greyhound Blood Donors


Traditionally, you’ve probably associated Dalmatians with firehouses, German Shepherds with the police and St. Bernards with the Red Cross symbol.  But did you know that Greyhounds can also be associated with life saving qualities?

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Ben’s Story


It’s not just humans who can save lives by donating blood – just like you and I, your canine friend can also lend a helping paw to those who are feeling paw-ly and in urgent need of blood transfusions.

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Holding For Pre-Screening Sample


When taking a sample of your dog’s blood, there are two options.  Some vets may take it from the jugular vein in the neck and others may take the sample from the cephalic vein in the leg. 

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Lifting and Holding For Donation


If your dog is not used to getting lifted very often, you can help by first holding your dog in that position with one person holding the front end with one arm around your dog’s neck and the other under their chest whilst second person puts their arm beneath their belly and holds the hind leg furthest from them. 

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